£183m fine for data breach

£183m fine for data breach

British Airways  are facing a record fine of £183m for a data breach.



In September last year I published a blog mentioning that it could be as high as 4% of annual global revenue. In this case, it looks like the proposed fine is lower, and about 1.5%, but it is still a record fine. BA have 28 days to appeal – so we will see what the final outcome is.


According to this news report, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said that a variety of information was “compromised” by poor security arrangements.


Many of these types of breaches are caused by not having the right people, with the right skills and experience, at the right level! https://skillstx.com/either-you-already-know-your-digital-ict-or-cybersecurity-skills-issues-or-youre-going-to-find-out-the-hard-way/


Could your company cope with a fine of up to 4% of your annual global revenue? What steps are you taking to mitigate this risk by ensuring that you have the right skills and experience at the appropriate level? Most companies don’t even know what skills they have in their current workforce. Surely this is running the risk of being labelled incompetent and negligent, and inexcusable when it is actually relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to answer the “what skills do we have” question – we help companies do this all the time!


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Matthew Burrows