2018 Digital Skills Landscape Report

ICT skills landscape report

2018 Digital Skills Landscape Report

Analysis of capabilities, competencies and skills in Digital, Cyber and ICT professionals

The data analysed in the report is from 4,902 individuals who have used SFIA6 to produce a profile of their skills through our self-assessment.

Here is the introduction from the report, a compelling reason, we believe, to take a little to read through the report:

“Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 75 percent of organizations will experience visible business disruptions due to I&O [IT Infrastructure & Operations Management] skills gaps, which is an increase from less than 20 percent in 2016. Given the lack of digital dexterity for hire, I&O leaders must begin by developing these skills with the talent they already have. Most companies don’t have an accurate inventory of the available skills of their current IT workforces, so this must be a first step.” Gartner, March 27, 2018
A 2018 Digital Leaders survey from BCS uncovered a common vulnerability which risks their brand reputation and organisation’s success by failing to deliver on promises to customer, internal stakeholders and investors: “Only 14% of participants feel their organisation has enough resources to achieve success in 2018
Six out of seven admit to being in this position, and even the other one is only relying on “feel”! How did you get there, and, more importantly, what urgent action is needed to help fix this?

Having the right people with the right skills at appropriate levels, is essential for all organisations. Getting there requires a definitive and detailed answer to two key questions:

What skills do we have?

What skills do we need?

Is it acceptable for any CIO, COO, HR Director, or any senior leader, to not know the answers?

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