Month: August 2019

HasBean – A day in the life #30

Team Leader (On phone – sarcastically): Hey HasBean, thanks for the short  list of candidates. I just wasted 17 hours of interviews. HasBean (Reply): Why so? you wanted software engineers and that’s what I sent you. Team Leader (angrily): NO YOU DIDN’T. They were all programmers. HasBean: You are splitting hairs now. Team Leader (frustrated): …

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HasBean – A day in the life #29

Business Professional: Have you considered joining the Professional Institute? HasBean: What are the benefits? Business Professional: Free skills assessment to baseline your skills, development planning to support your career development, mentoring, training, certification, conferences and other events. HasBean: Conferences you say! Does the events venue have a golf course? Business Professional: Yes I believe it …

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HasBean – A day in the life #28

HasBean: It looks like the Information Commissioner is going to fine us for the recent data breach. CFO: Yes, they are taking data security and protection seriously these days. HasBean: The fine is 4% of Global annual revenue. That’s millions! Their report mentions poor security practices, and lack of the necessary security skills and experience. …

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