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The AI Talent Gap: How Do We Compare Human Skills to Machines?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a new layer of complexity to the digital workforce. While AI bots are rapidly becoming commonplace, a significant question lingers:

How do we compare the skills and competencies of these machines to their human counterparts?

This question is particularly relevant for leadership teams navigating the ever-changing digital economy. They need to understand the capabilities of both humans and AI to make informed decisions about resource allocation and task delegation.

“AI will not replace jobs, but it will change the nature of work.” – Kai-Fu Lee

The Challenge: Apples and Oranges?

Traditionally, evaluating human skills involves a combination of experience, education, and demonstrably successful performance. We assess proficiency through tests, interviews, and performance reviews. However, these methods don’t translate well to AI bots.

AI doesn’t possess human-like experience or formal education. Its “knowledge” comes from the data it’s trained on, and its “skills” manifest in its ability to perform specific tasks.

Comparing these attributes to human benchmarks feels like comparing apples and oranges.

A Glimpse of Hope: SkillsTX and the SFIA Framework

This week, a breakthrough occurred at SkillsTX.

Our CEO, Paul Collins, successfully assessed the skills and competencies of our new CoPilot chatbot using SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) from the SFIA Foundation.

This is significant because the SFIA Framework is the industry standard for assessing human knowledge, skill proficiency, and competency in the digital world. It is a countrywide standard in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) | SFIA Foundation

Why This Matters

SkillsTX’s accomplishment demonstrates the possibility of establishing a standardized approach to evaluating AI capabilities.

By applying human-centric frameworks like SFIA, we can bridge the gap between human and AI skill comparison.

This has significant implications for leadership teams. With a standardized approach, they can finally understand the strengths and weaknesses of both human and AI resources. This allows for more informed decisions about:

  • Task Allocation: Leaders can identify which tasks are best suited for humans and which can be automated by AI bots.
  • Team Composition: They can build balanced teams that leverage the unique strengths of both humans and AI.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling: With a clear understanding of AI capabilities, leadership can focus human training efforts on areas where AI falls short.

The Future is Now: Building a Winning Team with Talent eXperience Skills Intelligence

SkillsTX’s success in evaluating our CoPilot chatbot using the SFIA Framework is a glimpse into the future of talent management. This isn’t just a one-off achievement; it’s a springboard for a comprehensive solution.

The SkillsTX Talent eXperience Skills Intelligence Platform can assess the skills and competencies of your human workforce and your AI bots, leveraging the globally standardized SFIA Framework.

This revolutionary platform goes beyond basic evaluation. It provides a comprehensive skills inventory, giving you a clear picture of the digital and professional capabilities of both your human and AI resources.

With SkillsTX Talent eXperience, you can stay ahead of the curve by continuously assessing and adapting your human and AI skill sets to fit the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Talent eXperience isn’t just about comparing humans and AI; it’s about empowering you to build a winning team for the future. Stop wondering about the capabilities of your AI bots. Start leveraging them alongside your human workforce and unlock your organization’s #PassionForPotential.

You can learn more about the SFIA framework by downloading the Free SFIA Cheat Sheet from SkillsTX.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Reproduced with thanks to John Kleist III, Chief Growth Officer for SkillsTX and author of Digital Talent Strategies, a popular newsletter on LinkedIn.  John proudly considers himself a Talent Management Revolutionary: Spearheading Skills-Based Digital Talent Strategies with SkillsTX Talent eXperience Skills Intelligence and the #SFIA Framework | Unlock Your #PassionForPotential.