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Is it time to replace traditional resumes / CVs with digital badges?

The working world is getting an overhaul, with terms like quiet quitting, remote/hybrid work and the great resignation becoming common terms in our vernacular. And it’s not without merit, with 22% of all job seekers reported quitting their previous job, and 73% of currently employed workers actively thinking about quitting their jobs.  With changes abound, …

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Training Training Everywhere

Training, Training Everywhere, nor a relevant course to decide upon (With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge) I’m sure you will agree, it can all be just a little overwhelming! While it’s a wonderful thing our digital industry has stepped up to address the ever-increasing digital skills shortage, everyday thousands of offers for free training come …

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An Itch I Need to Scratch

An Itch I need to Scratch – Label, Labels, Tags and Tags I must admit, I am truly privileged. I often get the opportunity to speak with ICT Industry thought-leaders, world class academics and People and Culture specialists. Their insights, usually based on solid experience, provides a great channel of input into our solution roadmap. And …

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Top 5 SFIA Hacks

Our TOP 5 SFIA hacks The Problem You heard that the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is an excellent framework for digital skills management, and it all seems to make a lot of sense, so you decided to take it on board. BUT you are NOT seeing the promised benefits or ROI. Or, …

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Our Why Who and How

SkillsTX and SFIA A winning combination for Digital Skills Management WHY did we create SkillsTX: In a world where there is a critical dependency on technology, we realise that no matter how clever we are with the technology itself, the essential element is having the right people with the appropriate knowledge, skills, competencies and experience. …

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