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Casting the Right Net: Optimizing Self-Registration for Effective Digital Talent Discovery

In the digital age, the quest for talent is akin to fishing in a vast ocean. The challenge is not just about finding the right fish, but also about using the right bait and casting the net in the right waters. In a previous blog, we discussed the concept of ‘fishing in your own pond’ for digital talent. Now, we’re taking it a step further by equipping you with the right tools to manage the process effectively.

Fishing your own pond for digital talent

Competition for digital talent remains critically high, despite the headlines espousing downsizing and lay-offs in some of our largest technology organizations. That’s because digitally fluent companies are 5.4x more likely to be projecting high revenue growth (over 20%) than their less digital counterparts.

While the open recruitment market is a large, and viable, talent pool, have you ever considered fishing in your own organizational pond?

SkillsTX Licenses now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource

SkillsTX, a leading provider of talent management solutions, has announced that their licenses are now available for purchase on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft App Source. Their availability on these platforms provides customers a more accessible and convenient way to purchase and deploy a comprehensive talent management platform that includes features like recruitment, onboarding, training and development, performance management, and succession planning.

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Is it time to replace traditional resumes / CVs with digital badges?

The working world is getting an overhaul, with terms like quiet quitting, remote/hybrid work and the great resignation becoming common terms in our vernacular. And it’s not without merit, with 22% of all job seekers reported quitting their previous job, and 73% of currently employed workers actively thinking about quitting their jobs.  With changes abound, …

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