• SkillsTx adds value to SFIA Consulting services

    Case Study: BSMimpact

    SkillsTx adds value to SFIA Consulting services

    January 29, 2016   |   Case Study



Using SkillsTx saves time and effort through effective online assessment capability and automated reports.


A reseller of SkillsTx, and a Global SFIA Partner and Training provider, BSMimpact is a global consultancy specialising in building business value from best practice governance and management systems - they make frameworks work.

Every month, BSMimpact provides thousands of assessments to their clients around the globe, saving consultancy and client time, automating reports, and enabling organisations to quickly and efficiently understand what skills they have and what skills they need.

BSMimpact initially started working with AssessmentPortal, collaborating on the development of their ISO/IEC 20000 assessment tool.  This proved to be so effective that discussions commenced to build a SFIA solution.

“In the beginning we had no intention of producing tools, and if something appropriate had already been out there in the market, we would have used that – but it wasn’t.  You can’t and shouldn’t automate everything, sometimes the best tool is not a technology one.  However, it was obvious that there were several barriers and challenges which were limiting organisations and individuals from getting some of the benefits they should be able to realise when using SFIA.  In working on the ISO/IEC 20000 assessment approach, we saw how powerful the AssessmentPortal engine was, and how it could help resolve some of these traditional SFIA-adoption challenges, so we worked with the team to convert the information learned from years of practically working with the SFIA Framework into a powerful online self-assessment tool”, said Matthew Burrows, Managing Director of BSMimpact.

“Within a few weeks we had the individual SFIA-based self-assessment capability up and running, and then the rolled-up organisational view”.

Over the following couple of years, Matthew (an Accredited SFIA Consultant) and the AssessmentPortal team worked to develop the SFIA component further from the self-assessment into a series of tools they felt would complement their consultancy services.

These tools included the job description / role profile creator, professional development and a matching system that would help recruiters effectively match candidates to roles based on SFIA skills. The team also worked to make sure that SkillsTx is available in 6 languages – English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, making the tool available to an even wider audience.

“SkillsTx enables us to provide real time data to clients, providing valuable information that can help keep the project on track.”


Aside from the reports that are generated from SkillsTx, such as the individual skills profiles and the organisational report, export reports can be downloaded at any time to provide real time reporting on the status of an organisation’s SFIA implementation whilst they are in assessment mode.  This has proven to be extremely valuable for BSMimpact.  It provides their clients’ Sponsoring Managers an additional level of detail, allowing them to revert back to Managers of departments that may not be completing their tasks in a timely manner.

“..good quality data is only achievable if you combine the methodologies, capabilities and embedded experience that has been put into the SkillsTx solution.”

“The organisational reporting blows the clients away, and is always consistent because of the statistical analysis engine, consensus rules, knowledge base content, and all sorts of clever functionality embedded within the tools platform.  This ensures that the data, charts, recommendations and observations in the reports can be trusted, and we can spend time adding summary and analysis, and planning next steps with the customer.  Some people mistakenly think that assessments are just about having a database of questions, and that you can use any sort of question and answer method out there, but the truth is that good quality data is only achievable if you combine the methodologies, capabilities and embedded experience that has been put in to the SkillsTx solution”.

“SkillsTx helps us to keep projects on time and to budget”, remarked Matthew. “Clients love the detail it provides, and we love the automation it offers, ensuing we can get on with the business of applying our experience in SFIA and other areas to the customer, rather than spending time working with raw data, pivot tables and logistics and administration.”

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