COVID-19 and the recovery

COVID-19 and the recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing a significant change to our patterns, both at work and from a personal perspective. Some people are finding themselves out of work, furloughed temporarily, or with an uncertain future due to the economic impact. We don’t yet know how long this will take to play out or what the recovery will look like. We can, however, take positive steps to protect our own well-being, and that of our employees, and put us in a better position both now and for the future.


What does the future hold?

It is true that some people will lose their jobs, and find themselves looking for work. Organizations may need to change their operating model and the organizational skills profile, and respond to a different economic reality. We don’t know if the same number of opportunities will exist in our current roles, so change is probably inevitable. Organizations are using SFIA to identify, attract and develop the skills and talent they need.


Preparing digital skills for a future in the data economy

It is also true, however, that we currently have shortages in some skills, and an ever evolving requirement for additional digital, ICT, cybersecurity and other technology-related specialists. Even before this pandemic, there was a need to identify what will be required and develop or recruit people for these new roles.


Using our time wisely during the crisis

During the crisis, there is increased opportunity for some individuals to develop new skills and complete online training to better prepare for a future which might involve a change in responsibilities or job.


Survival during the epidemic

For individuals:

  • Update your skills profile: An up-to-date skills profile or digital CV which shows the skills you currently have – including skills which are current but not necessarily utilized in your current job (your company may need to tap into some of these additional skills).
  • Identify roles and requirements: Access to profiles for current and future roles or jobs, so that you have a clear picture of the skills needed, and the ability to perform gap analysis and development planning.
  • Develop your skills: A Development Action Plan which includes identification of potential training and other development actions which are specifically mapped to your development needs – including online training and certifications which you can complete whilst observing self-isolation and social distancing constraints.


For organizations:

  • Build a complete skills inventory: Know all of the skills of your current workforce – not just the skills they are using in their current role, as you may need to ask people to perform different tasks or stand in for resources who are unavailable.
  • Identify and prioritise the skills you need: Consider business continuity needs, identifying roles that need filling and skills gaps which need addressing.
  • Find people with the best fit: Sometimes the fit might not be perfect, you might be asking people to resurrect skills from earlier in their career or do their best with only a partial match to a role.
  • Plan and execute development actions: Give the workforce the support they need to develop the required skills for current and future roles. In the worst case scenario, some of these workers may need support to prepare for different jobs in the future.


What we are doing to help

FREE Online Consultation Meeting

Not sure what you need for your organization? Grab 30 minutes with us and we will work with you to understand your goals, and to advise on options and next steps. Book online


FREE Training

We’re making a number of places available free on our Introduction to Digital Skills Management online training course, for organizations looking to build or improve this critical capability. Places available by request on a first-come-first-served basis.


FREE Organizational Trial

If you would like to test this process with a small group, we offer a FREE 30-day trial for your organization, giving you full functionality of SkillsTx for up to 10 workers. We’re happy to extend your trial period if you need more time – just ask!


Supported Proof Of Value

Many prefer a little support to ensure that they can get it right first time, and get to the value more quickly. We offer a Supported Proof Of Value package for under £5k (GB£4,950; US$7,995; AU$9,750; NZ$10,450), where an organization can get up to 4-days of professional services support from a senior SFIA Accredited Consultant (delivered online), assess up to 100 workers, and build up to 5 SFIA-based job descriptions or role profiles. All of this happens over a maximum of 6-weeks, and includes licence costs for 2-months giving you time to decide if the value has been realised and extend your licences.


SFIA Training

Want to be learn more about SFIA (the Skills Framework for the Information Age) through online instructor-led training? See pages 6 & 7 of our Product and Services list for training options. During this pandemic we’re being very flexible on minimum training numbers, and are often able to fit in individual learners as well as groups, with the training being scheduled at mutually convenient times. Contact us.


Individual Skills Assessment

If you are an individual technology professional, maybe you’re self-employed and part of the gig economy, or worried about the security of your current job being impacted by the virus and resulting economic challenges, we have a FREE offer for you. Sign-up online, complete a self-assessment, view and update your Skills Profile in the SkillsTx Planner console, compare your current skills with industry sample roles for UK, EU and Australian Government profiles, and plan your development action plan. This includes listings of training, certifications and other development activity mapped to your identified development needs or gaps. All available online, and can be complete from home self-isolation.


SFIA Skills Discussion and Certified Skills Profile

Independent skills endorsement, carried out online and taking up to 1-hour, where a SFIA Accredited Consultant works with an individual to independently assess their skills. Output is an Endorsed SFIA Skills Profile, providing independent verification of your current skills, which can be useful to those applying for work or simply wanting a firm baseline of their skills. Book online

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