Does Your IT Organization Have the “Good Skills”?

Does Your IT Organization Have the “Good Skills”?

Are we overly humble in our opinion of our digital skills or could the reverse be true?



What are the good skills?


The Digital Skills Landscape 2018 report, based on skills data analyzed from 4,902 individuals and produced by SkillsTx and BSMimpact raised some interesting points:

  • Some skill types are far more abundant than others, with the following far exceeding the other skill types:
    • strategy and architecture
    • development and implementation
    • delivery and operation
  • Many people think they have more involvement in strategy and architecture than they really do
  • Independent validations often discovered relationship and engagement skills that people hadn’t recognized in themselves during their SFIA Assessment. (2,915 individuals had their SFIA Assessment validated)


And The following insights into the impact of skill shortages:

  • The lack of skills in Information Systems Coordination is going to inhibit the adoption of cloud technologies and multi-supplier models such as service integration and management (SIAM)
  • The lack of skills in User Experience means that we’re still likely creating solutions for IT people and the business executives, not our end customers. Without these fundamental skills, we’ll continue to disenfranchise large parts of our demographic and reinforce the digital divide
  • Our people managers focus on employee performance, not professional development, which negatively impacts staff churn and often wastes time and money on the wrong training and development activities
  • While we talk about the great skills shortage, some of the skills we lack the most are described in SFIA’s Skills Management sub-category. This includes learning assessment and evaluation (LEDA) skills, which are found in less than 1% of the survey respondents. Why do we care so little about understanding critical learning needs?
  • Our approach to information and cyber security continues to be fragmented, with a lack of enterprise ownership and coordination.


The following article for by Matthew Burrows focuses on the state of skills, using the Digital Skills Landscape 2018 report

Does Your IT Organization Have the “Good Skills”?


You can download a copy of the Digital Skills Landscape 2018 report here: Digital Skills Landscape 2018 report

Matthew Burrows