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Know the skills you have and the skills you need

Data-driven skills management and development helping Human Resources, Learning and Development and ICT Leaders build the critical skills that people and the organisation need for success in the Data Economy

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People, their skills and experience, have become a critical aspect for the operations of companies with a dependency on Information and Communications Technology.

The SkillsTx SaaS solution empowers your technology specialists, their managers, and the executive (IT, HR, Learning & Development) to fully embed Digital Skills Management.

Many companies don’t know the current skills of their Digital, Cybersecurity, Software Development and ICT Workforce, or what they need short, medium or long term. Without this, there is significant risk of visible business disruption.

Does your organization have the right skills to:

  • Prevent data loss and Cybersecurity incidents?
  • Successfully complete Digital Transformation?
  • Operate you desired Operating Model?
  • Deliver service to agreed levels?
  • Integrate during mergers and acquisitions?
  • Recruit, retain and develop talented individuals?
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and quality standards?
  • Improve project success and support agile operation?
  • Gain competitive advantage in responding to technology change and innovation?