A Day in the Life
A superstar at what exactly

Project Manager (Using Skype): (Showing Resume on screen): Hey HB! This is an extract of the resume you sent me. (Showing HB): I know I said I was looking for a Superstar for the Innovation Project. And Mr Milligan IS obviously one. BUT AT WHAT EXACTLY? (Showing SFIA profile on screen): I was hoping for something more useful like this, which describes his real skills....

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Accurate skills inventory

Project Manager: Hey HB, you know everyone around here? We need someone for that new Innovation project. HasBean: What are you looking for? Project Manager: Someone with Project Management at Level 4, Systems Development Management at Level 5, and Business Process Improvement at Level 5. HasBean: OK, that's pretty precise, No Idea! You'll probably need to hire a contractor. Project Manager: This would be a whole lot easier if...

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Targeted skills training

HasBean: How come there never seems to be budget for my training? CEO: But what training are you waiting for exactly? HasBean: I've heard the IT Security course has a great venue and catering? CEO: And how is that going to help with your career development? HasBean: I'm not sure what it's about exactly, but I've heard good things, and it would be nice to get away for a...

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