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On-Demand Webinar: Why a skills inventory in a down economy will lead to better human capital decisions

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How building a Skills Inventory will help you make better cost management decisions.

We are in a time where many companies are looking to make better cost management. 

Companies are forced to look to their human capital for savings. We know in a digital world, that our technology workers are not only critical but can also seem expensive.

In this webinar, Paul Collins outlines a framework so that you can make the right decisions that will not impede your organizations business objectives, or data security.



  1. Start with a framework to measure skills against
  2. Assess the total skill inventory of the workforce against the framework
  3. Define your skill inventory needs for now and future
  4. Maintain a balanced inventory of skills to meet the needs.

About our Speaker

Paul is CEO of SkillsTX and a SFIA Foundation Accredited Consultant, Assessor, and Trainer with more years of experience in the ICT industry than he’d be willing to admit. Paul has been intimately involved with the adoption and standardization of SFIA country-wide across Australia and New Zealand. Paul’s passions in life are helping the human side of digital to achieve their maximum potential and his commitment to solving the digital skills crisis.