Human Capital Management systems are not enough

Human Capital Management systems are not enough

Human Capital Management systems lack the functionality to effectively manage the skills of your Digital and ICT and Cybersecurity specialists!


You can’t use a hammer for every job, so you’re going to need more than one tool in your toolkit!


Many companies have been implementing Human Capital Management (HCM), Talent Management, or HR systems across their workforce. They do work well for covering several generic people management activities and processes. However, we’ve been working with a growing number of companies who find that Human Capital Management systems are not enough for Digital and ICT and Cybersecurity specialists. They do not provide what they need for these specialist resources and similar technology-focussed skill sets. In these situations, they are augmenting the company-wide general solution with some specialist capability. These can then be integrated through APIs and other interfacing methods if required.



Each profession or specialism has its own unique practices and skills


Because each profession or specialism has its own unique practices and skills, you do need to get into the detail for a number of good reasons. Medical professionals could be General Practitioners, or they could have a specialism in Neurology. You would want to be specific about the skills and experience requirements when deciding who to let loose with a scalpel for brain surgery. The technology field is no different. Even resources with the same Job Title in the same company might have very different skill sets. Several times I’ve come across companies who may have two types of Business Analyst. One who does nothing but produce business requirements specifications, and another who does this but also creates acceptance test criteria and contributes to business cases. Despite them both having the same job title, the skills and the levels of those skills are a very different mix for each of these individuals.


This is where SFIA comes in!


SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age, is the de facto standard for describing professional skills for specialists in the IT, Digital, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, and all other technology-based specialisms. This includes Project Management, Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, and a whole load more. It’s adopted in nearly 200 countries around the world, and put simply, if you’re not using SFIA to assess your skills against and to describe the skills needed, you’re not using common language that others will understand. This makes the whole process of skills management much more challenging!



Don’t make the same mistake!


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Try before you buy!


As your generalist HR system isn’t going to cover these specialisms, you should check out a SFIA-based solution to use alongside, or integrate to, your HR system.

Take a couple of minutes to check out how SFIA and SkillsTx is used by your specialists, their managers, and the organisation as a whole.

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