Improve your skills training value

skills gap anlysis

Improve your skills training value

The ability to Identify exactly what training is needed to address the skills required for your current job or future job, can vastly improve the value you get from training.

Far too often we hear about training budgets that were spent on a whim, or due to a financial year end rush?

Usually it is due to a lack of clarity and focus, reducing the decisions made to educated guesswork at best. Improved clarity and focus helps provide an understanding of exactly what training is required to address the skill gaps. Even better if this can be achieved for both current and desired (future) jobs.

Clarity and focus can be obtained through the use of a structured method such as SFIA. Vital for being able to capture skills and then accurately map them to job requirements.

These are the challenges we addressed from the initial design of SkillsTx through to the current roadmap. Our solution is able to answer the question; what training is best for career development?

How SkillsTx achieves this

How do we go about this you ask?

  1. First, we capture everyone’s individual skill profiles.
  2. Then all the job/roles are defined using the same framework (SFIA).
  3. Our Planner Console can then be used by the individuals to:
    1. Select their current job or role
    2. Optionally select their desired future job
  4. The system then automatically generates their detailed personal gap analysis.

Once the gaps have been identified, we need to identify training to addresses the gaps (see previous insight article – ).

Knowing what the gaps are provides the opportunity for research into the relevant training and other interventions.

The next steps

SkillsTx is now able to provide the next step as well, which is the automatic mapping of training and other intervention actions against the gaps both:

  1. Internally, allowing an organisation to create their own predefined intervention actions, such as internal programs or mentoring.
  2. Externally though 3rd party training providers.

Note: SkillsTx has been working with the education industry, and we are excited to report that many providers have already mapped their courses to SFIA. We are now providing the capability to have these courses loaded into the system as ‘predefined’ actions, and allowing them to be selected to be made available for skill gap mapping and selecting for development planning.

We are therefore able to promote the training that offers the best training value directly from within the Planner console by:

  • The system automatically selecting the courses that address the skills gaps
  • And ranking them based on how many gaps they address
  • And by providing the links to relevant webpages from which further information can be obtained or training courses booked

Improved training value from an organisational perspective is also catered for through organisational summaries and drilldowns allowing for:

  • Improved planning and the ability to offer relevant predefined actions
  • Better understanding of which skills are most in need
  • Making use of the information to arrange specific contracts with appropriate training providers
  • Cost savings in both training bookings and travel by knowing when enough interest is being generated to possibly have 3rd party training delivered in-house



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Paul Collins