New Partnership Announcement: ITSM Zone and SkillsTx

New Partnership Announcement: ITSM Zone and SkillsTx

At SkillsTx, as well as supporting employers to improve their Digital Skills Management Maturity, a lot of our focus and energy is towards the individual and particularly their skills and career development. We fully recognise #weownourskills and we are keen advocates for taking responsibility for our own lifelong learning. And therefore, we jumped at the chance to partner with another great advocate for upskilling and reskilling, ITSM Zone. Our partnership will help individuals ‘connect the dots’ on their career development journey. In a few simple steps:



ITSM Zone have a learner-centric approach and offer amazing eLearning. And now more than ever their training courses are invaluable in helping both students and organisations adapt and prepare for a world with more remote working and an increasing demand for technology to support a more distributed workforce.


We are really excited to work in partnership with ITSM Zone and further enhance our user experience by helping individuals and organisations identify ITSM Zone eLearning courses that will have the greatest value in meeting their current and future skills needs.


SkillsTx President, Matthew Burrows, worked with Claire and the team at ITSM Zone to map their entire catalogue to SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age – the internationally-accepted standard for describing the skills of those with technology-based specialist skills – Digital, IT, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and other related specialisms. ITSM Zone training is now available in the SkillsTx SaaS platform, mapped to the relevant SFIA skills and levels, so individuals can pick the training that best matches their skills gaps and development needs.


Claire Agutter, Director of ITSM Zone reflects of how we are helping out community: “Knowing that learning a new skill or discipline may be the perfect distraction from the frustrations of self-isolation, since day one we have refined the way that courses are produced, making sure that we are constantly looking at best practice but as well providing the outcome that our students want – whether this is passing an exam or acquiring new ideas.


But sometimes defining skill gaps or identifying new opportunities is more difficult than passing an exam. That’s why SkillsTx gives you the chance to create your own FREE SFIA skills profile. What does that mean? By creating your Digital CV or resume you can actively participate in the Data Economy by using SFIA and SkillsTx to plan your future.


Your Digital CV and Individual Action Plan will help you identify opportunities (and associated skills gaps) and the SkillsTx algorithms find the best ITSM Zone courses to take control of your skills and development. Plus, you can use their sample jobs to explore career options. In this world of ever-increasing change, survival means reaching digital maturity ahead of your competitors.


With skills in VERY short supply, effective Digital Skills Management (DSM) is critical to your success.”

Matthew Burrows