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New Year Resolutions for 2019


Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

1.     Confirm the skills of my workforce

So that I know whether we have any gaps or risks which need addressing. Armed with this information you can also quickly find the resources you require for a project or virtual team. I can’t afford to not know the answer to the “what skills do we have?” question.

2.   Update job descriptions and role profiles

Ensuring you’re describing what you need to happen, and the skills required by each role. I need an up-to-date answer to the “what skills do I need?” question.

3.   Assess strengths and weaknesses

Several studies suggest that individuals have many skills which are not required for their current role. Do we have skills that we’re not using? Could we make use of these skills? Are we allowing them to go out-of-date? Do we have any critical skill gaps?

4.  Ensure everyone has a development action plan 

Empower individuals and their managers or career coaches with the data they need to keep their skill profiles up-to-date and create and maintain action plans based on skill strengths, weaknesses, preferences, gaps and risks. What actions do we need to take?

If you haven’t confirmed the skills you have and the skills you need, you will not know for certain where your biggest skills risks are. Do you have a risk of making the press for all the wrong reasons – Cybersecurity breach, critical systems outage, project failures, etc.?

Recruitment, retention and employee engagement are critical in a time when some key skills are scarce, and competition is high. So, how well are you looking after your most important assets? And are you able to attract and retain the best talent?

SkillsTX focus on helping address the people and skills challenges for Digital, IT, Cybersecurity and other technology-driven specialisms. Can you afford to ignore these areas for another year?

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