What’s happening in the SkillsTx world?

Assess the skills you have or the skills you need (now)?

January 17, 2018   |   Analytics

When assessing and conducting skills analysis for a workforce or job candidates what a difference a few words can make. Here’s a discussion we often get involved with: What’s the difference between these two questions.. “Can you do this?” and “What can you do?” On the surface there appears to… Read more

Improve your self-assessment comms and awareness

January 10, 2018   |   Analytics

Although this article relates to our SFIA self-assessment, the advice and guidance can apply to any self-assessment process. Capturing a rating on completion of the assessment can really provide excellent information to help improve communication and awareness and, of course, improve the survey process. It’s not exactly our best kept… Read more

Improve your training value

October 02, 2017   |   action plans

The ability to Identify exactly what training is needed to address the skills required for your current job or future job, can vastly improve the value you get from training. How often do you hear about training budgets spent on a whim, or that last financial year end rush, and… Read more

Career Planning using SFIA

June 13, 2017   |   action plans

Using the SFIA framework and SFIA career planning tools makes it simple to create targeted action plans for quick and practical career planning. SFIA is an excellent framework to help answer two very critical questions: What skills do we have? Or, what skills do I have? What skills do we… Read more

Sample Validated SFIA Skills Profile
Validating SFIA Skills – Your questions answered

April 23, 2017   |   Benefits

What is the point of having Self-assessed SFIA Skills validated? Is it worth the time, effort and cost having self-assessed SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) skills profiles validated? A perfectly reasonable question, and one our clients often ask. Let’s take a step back and look at why the… Read more

We need a better way to visualise people’s skills

January 12, 2017

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently posted an article entitled ‘We need a better way to visualise people’s skills’ by Michelle Weise. The article posed the question ‘How can companies get a better idea of which skills employees and job candidates have?’ It stated that ‘simply collecting data is not… Read more

Cybersecurity Nexus
Cybersecurity skills shortage is a growing chasm

September 02, 2016   |   Cybersecurity

The ISACA, 2016 Cybersecurity Snapshot released earlier this year discusses the attitudes of businesses to US Cybersecurity Act and the threats, issues and opportunities facing cybersecurity professionals. What is very clear from the findings is the concern about the growing number and severity of cyber threats and the likelihood of such an… Read more

itSMF Industry Awards 2016
SkillsTx a Finalist in the 2016 itSMF Industry Awards

August 20, 2016

Award category – Innovation of the Year 2016 We were very pleased to receive notification that we had been shortlisted for the itSMF Australia’s IT Service Management Awards 2016 in the “Innovation of the Year” category. Over the last 12 months, we have developed SkillsTx to help Organisations address some… Read more

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