SaaS Onboarding

SaaS Onboarding

SaaS can be explained as Software-as-a-service solution that enables data-driven digital skills management. Anyone seeking structured training will be offered certified SkillTx Administrator and SFIA for People Managers training courses. SkillsTx’s experienced professional service team will provide several onboarding packages to ensure that you receive an outcome that places you and your team in a much more successful management position. You will also come across the SFIA Skills List. It is worth noting that the SkillsTx Administrator training has been created for people within an organisation who will perform administration tasks. The participants are generally internal SFIA professionals, HR, SFIA project team members, and IT application support representatives among others.

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SkillsTx Administrator

To partake in the SkillsTx administration courses, you do not require detailed technical knowledge. The sheer focus of the activity is on maintaining in-scope staff data. It also focuses on producing and maintaining job descriptions and role profiles as well as maintaining a job or role profile assignments for staff workers who might have changed their job. It will also produce customer analytical reporting as per requirements. Endorsement skills discussions will also be coordinated. The course will be concluded with a 20-minute multiple-choice online exam that will cover SFIA fundamentals and SkillsTx administration. For this training, you may opt for the classroom option (TSAP) or the online option (TSAO). Under the classroom option, you will receive half-day face to face training with a minimum of four people and there will be an online exam. In the online option, you will receive two online sessions of 90 minutes each with a minimum of 4 people and an online exam. You may obtain more details about SFIA Framework Skills by simply browsing the SkillsTx website.


SkillsTx People Manager

SkillsTx People Manager has been created for line managers, team leaders, HR, etc. The training will lay its focus on four different types of personality type scenarios. It will cover a brief recap of SFIA key points, SFIA level of responsibility, and identifying SFIA levels. The next focus will be on developing a plan process, recognising skills gaps, prioritising improvements, and developing pathways. Lastly, there will be the creation of smart goals and introducing development plans to life. There will be half face to face private training to be delivered at your venue with a minimum of 4 people. And, there will be an online exam. You should source important details about Skills Framework for the Information Age SFIA and its relevance.


SkillsTx tries to embed data-driven digital skills management. They do it through a mix of Saas, supporting services, and professional services. Now why is this significant for you? Because employees, their skills and experience has emerged as a vital aspect for organisations amid a dependency on Information & Communication Technology. Many companies are not aware of the current skills of their digital, cybersecurity, and ICT workforce. Without SkillsTx solutions and services, there is a huge risk of business disruption, cybersecurity breaches, project failure, poor employee engagement and use of skills, recruitment, and retention.

The SkillsTx annual license can be sought for up to 200 workers, 200 to 499 workers, 500 to 999 workers, 1000 to 4999 workers, and 5000 plus workers. You will also get a SkillsTx monthly license. The cost of the license differs based upon the number of workers. You may also check the SFIA Framework Resume. An SFIA accredited consultant will help you set up your SkillsTx solution. This package is ideal for those who desire expert help. It also includes up to four days of expert services support and up to 100 SkillsTx SaaS license for two months.

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