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Saudi Classification of Professions

Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Saudi Classification of Professions

The General Authority for Statistics in KSA has produced a Saudi Classification of Professions which is mapped to ISCO-08, the International Standard Classification of Occupations produced by the International Labour Office in Geneva.

126 technology-related occupations have been mapped to SFIA by SkillsTX as part of the MCIT SFIA program, and are available in the SkillsTX SaaS solution. This mapping was carried out by Matthew Burrows, Andy Thomson, and John Boyle.


With Over 500 Sample Jobs/Roles – We help people and organizations succeed in the Data Economy

Individuals can create their own Digital CV/Resume or Skills Profile, and compare their skills with hundreds of sample roles, and maintain their own Development Action Plan

Organizations also have access to these as sample roles in their SkillsTX SaaS instance

The roles can be edited to reflect their unique requirements or used as-is, and are mapped to SFIA.


In addition to the Saudi occupations, the following are included within the system:


UK Flag

UK Government Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) Profession Capability Framework

DDaT defines roles in government and the skills needed to do them.


The European Union has published 30 ICT professional role profiles as part of the e-CF activity

EU ICT Professional Role Profiles

CEN:  CWA 16458-1:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT Profiles.


Australian Public Sector (APS) Digital Career Pathways contains the role definitions for typical roles in the Australian Public Service (APS). You can use these definitions to determine potential career pathways and identify skills gaps in digital disciplines in the APS. This is based in part on the digital career pathways data developed by the Australian Public Service Commission and the Digital Transformation Agency.


The US Government NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

52 information and cyber security roles from NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) CWF (Cybersecurity Workforce Framework) published by NIST.


Further details of these mappings also available on the SFIA Foundation website