SFIA Accredited Assessor Training

SFIA Accredited Assessor Training

SkillsTx are the first to develop and deliver the new SFIA Accredited Assessor training

SkillsTx are proud to be the first SFIA Accredited Global Training Provider to develop and deliver SFIA Accredited Assessor training. The training is based on the new syllabus for the SFIA Assessor training. The syllabus was created by the SFIA Foundation to formalize the criteria for fully competent Assessors. It leads them firstly through the SFIA Assessor accredited training (where they are given the knowledge and good practices). Then into building their experience by putting into practice what they have learned (usually under supervision and coaching from an experienced SFIA Accredited Consultant and Assessor). Finally they proceed to their application for accreditation once they meet all the accreditation requirements published by the SFIA Foundation.

All attendees of our inaugural course at the end of July 2021 successfully completed their training and were awarded the Assessor Training digital credential by the SFIA Foundation. The training was Instructor led and delivered over a series of virtual sessions. The great news is we have now released our online, self-paced version of the same course. Details and enrolment are available HERE.


SFIA Assessors in demand

SFIA Assessors are finding themselves in increasing demand with the global reach and importance of SFIA increasing by the day. More and more organizations are mandating that the services they buy must be delivered by suitably experienced people with SFIA skill profiles AND with their core skills and competencies independently endorsed. Many consultants and contractors are already off to a great start, having used our SkillsTx Personal license to already create their own SFIA skill profile. Organizations also have their staff do SFIA assessments using SkillsTx Business and Enterprise licences. Often those profiles may require endorsement by a SFIA Assessor to meet the organizations procurement criteria.


SFIA8 with enhanced clarity

The release of SFIA8 on 28th September 2021 brings with it more concise skill descriptions and better definitions around capability. These are great enhancements for assessors who can use these updates to support their assessments. The SFIA Foundation have provided guidance on the differentiation between:


  • Knowledge: “can explain” – often not sufficient alone when being assessed, as Knowledge is about knowing something. It is not the same as applying that knowledge.


  • Skill or Proficiency: “can do with proficiency” – Skill is about applying knowledge and developing proficiency. Which could be done in a controlled environment such as an educational institution through, for example, simulation or substantial project work.


  • Competency: “significant professional experience” – Competency is applying the necessary knowledge and skill in a real-world environment with full professional responsibility and accountability. Experience in a professional working environment represents the difference between demonstrated skill and demonstrated competency.


Endorsement or certification for Knowledge, Skill / Proficiency, and Competency, can be awarded against any SFIA responsibility attribute. (Autonomy, Influence, Complexity, Business Skills, or Knowledge). For example “Autonomy at level 2”, or for any SFIA Professional Skill at any of the levels SFIA defines that skill. For example “Business risk management (BURM) at level 5”.

SFIA can also be used to assess “overall competence in a role, job or professional profile”, a number of SFIA elements being combined and assessed together. For example “Business Analyst” or “Chartered IT Professional (CITP)”.

This guidance, and the new accreditation, ensures more accurate skill profiles can be created that truly reflect the capability of the individual.


SkillsTx FULLY supports Assessors

Our solution has supported assessors for years. Whether you are a professional accredited assessor, a line manager or career coach, SkillsTx provides all the features to support your assessments. Not least, we are the ONLY SFIA solution that includes FULL asynchronous video assessments using Bongo technology. Click here to read more about it.

Assessor training is just one of a wide variety of SFIA Accredited training that we offer. (click here for our public catalog)


Paul Collins