Our Why Who and How

SFIA Accredited Partner

Our Why Who and How

SkillsTx and SFIA

A winning combination for Digital Skills Management

WHY did we create SkillsTx:

In a world where there is a critical dependency on technology, we realise that no matter how clever we are with the technology itself, the essential element is having the right people with the appropriate knowledge, skills, competencies and experience. It’s a competitive environment with many reporting skills shortages, so organizations need to do more to attract, retain and develop their top tech professionals.


WHO created SkillsTx:

Hello, we are Tx Management Systems Pty Ltd, the creators of SkillsTx, the digital skills and competencies SaaS solution. SkillsTx incorporates SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age, which is the most widely used international skills and competencies framework for Digital, Cybersecurity, ICT, Software Engineering and other technology-related specialisms. We also support organizations using other skills and competency frameworks.


HOW do we help our clients:

SkillsTx helps answer the 2 most important questions – what skills do we have and what skills do we need – and then provides the platform to keep this constantly evolving data up-to-date, plus the analytics for data-driven decision making. Whether that’s for an individual professional creating and maintaining their skills profile and development action plan, or a Manager supporting the development and allocation of their team. Senior leaders use our Analytics to understand and address skills and competency risks and objectives for their organization. We augment the capabilities of your generalist HR or Human Capital Management system, allowing you to go beyond the high-level generic elements, recognise the specialisms of your key resources and manage at the appropriate level of detail.


YOU can trust SkillsTx: 

Our SaaS solution is available globally, with our customers deciding which geography they want their data stored in. We regularly integrate with customer’s Single Sign On (SSO) or directory services, HR and Learning & Development platforms. Through our global network of resellers and partners, you get the support you need, whether it’s just the SaaS licences, or you want to supplement that with some training, supporting services, or a bespoke professional services package.


If you’re not sure where to start, here are some options:

  • A free 10-15 minute online assessment of the current Digital Skills Management Maturity (DSMM) of your organization. Find out where you are now, and get free analysis and guidance on how to move to where you need to be on the maturity scale, including a set of options and next steps to suit your preferences.
  • As an individual professional with technology-related specialisms, complete a self-assessment using SFIA, compare your skills with a set of industry profiles, build your development action plan, and see actions specifically targeting your gaps and development needs, including training and certification from global providers who have mapped their offerings to SFIA.
  • A fully-featured trial for your organization.
  • An online meeting with an expert who can answer your questions and provide some practical advice.
Paul Collins