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Digital Skills Management

Webinar June 15, 2022: BRM and SFIA

BRM and SFIA – Using Skills & Competencies to Build Better Relationships Webinar available on-demand We don’t need to tell you that the world is changing. Today, technology is everywhere, and those working in Information Technology (IT) are having more challenges in managing all things ‘tech’. There’s not a business or service that is …

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You Must Address People and Skills in Digital NOW!

The bad news! People and Skills are not high enough priority As the critical dependency for digital and technology related specialists increases, the demand creates skills shortages, with employers fighting to attract and retain top talent. Organizations must work hard to show they are an employer of choice through showcasing their commitment to professional recognition …

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HasBean – A day in the life #54

Charles: “HB, I’m not at all happy with the role you have chosen as MY career development trajectory.” HasBean: “But why? It’s the most obvious progression from your current technical support role.”   Charles: But we agreed when I started, this role was temporary until I understood our products. HasBean: Unfortunately our new automated Career …

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SkillsTX partner with Bongo

SkillsTX now has integrated Bongo Video Assessment Technology.   This partnership brings enhanced and scalable validated skills assessment at a distance For publication: BRISBANE, Queensland, June 25, 2020   SkillsTX proudly announces a partnership with Bongo Allowing the integration of their asynchronous video assessment within the SkillsTX solution. Bongo is a world leader in video …

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HasBean – COVID-19 Disruption

CIO: HB & Team. In there times of disruption and having to work from home, there are opportunities for self-development. Update your skills profile; explore SFIA to identify skills that sound interesting; explore the job roles that represent current and future requirements; identify gaps in your skills for opportunities for personal growth; set up you …

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Webinar: Leveraging data for effective digital skills management

Webinar recording now available here     Richard Elliott, IT Transformation Lead, University of Auckland, shares how they are using SkillsTX and SFIA for effective digital skills management and planning.   Paul Collins from SkillsTX will provide insight on: How to maximise L&D ROI by focusing on the skills you need How to improve Employee …

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