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Employee Engagement

SkillsTX partner with Bongo

SkillsTX now has integrated Bongo Video Assessment Technology.   This partnership brings enhanced and scalable validated skills assessment at a distance For publication: BRISBANE, Queensland, June 25, 2020   SkillsTX proudly announces a partnership with Bongo Allowing the integration of their asynchronous video assessment within the SkillsTX solution. Bongo is a world leader in video …

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Finning: Improving Employee Engagement

Finning is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, delivering unrivalled service for over 85 years. They sell, rent and provide parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications. First established in Canada in 1933, Finning now employs over 13,000 …

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Employee Experience. Much more than ping-pong and free coffee!

I read a few articles recently regarding how leading ICT organisations address employee experience. One that especially intrigued me outlined the very considered thinking, (not to mention money) that went into the design of an amazing office renovation. Which I have to say, WAS impressive. While there were many other reasons why someone would want …

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Empowerment to the people

The Empowerment – Transparency Binary Are empowerment and transparency always mutually inclusive?   In most democratic countries we give our elected officials the empowerment to run government and make decisions that can affect our lives. But we EXPECT that they will make those decisions transparently. Sometimes unfortunately, there is less transparency than we expect of …

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