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HasBean – A day in the life #54

Charles: “HB, I’m not at all happy with the role you have chosen as MY career development trajectory.” HasBean: “But why? It’s the most obvious progression from your current technical support role.”   Charles: But we agreed when I started, this role was temporary until I understood our products. HasBean: Unfortunately our new automated Career …

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SkillsTX partner with Bongo

SkillsTX now has integrated Bongo Video Assessment Technology.   This partnership brings enhanced and scalable validated skills assessment at a distance For publication: BRISBANE, Queensland, June 25, 2020   SkillsTX proudly announces a partnership with Bongo Allowing the integration of their asynchronous video assessment within the SkillsTX solution. Bongo is a world leader in video …

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HasBean – COVID-19 Disruption

CIO: HB & Team. In there times of disruption and having to work from home, there are opportunities for self-development. Update your skills profile; explore SFIA to identify skills that sound interesting; explore the job roles that represent current and future requirements; identify gaps in your skills for opportunities for personal growth; set up you …

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Things have got to change!

Skills Assessment mistakes continue! The current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is further highlighting issues with the approach many companies are still taking to understand the skills of their people.   Frustratingly a number of professional bodies, consultancy and services organizations are still recommending an approach which fails to provide a complete answer to the “what skills …

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HasBean – A day in the life #51

Consultant: Hi Mr HasBean. I understand you want some consultancy support regarding your Digital Transformation? HasBean: Yes, we need a consultant urgently. Consultant: Shall I take you through my skills and relevant experience in Digital Transformation? HasBean: No, that won’t be necessary. It says consultant on your business card. Consultant: OK, well what seems to …

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HasBean – A day in the life #50

HR Manager: What’s this? A resignation letter? But you’ve only been here 2 months! Charles: Yes, but this job is not what was advertised. HR Manager: I thought HasBean was working with you to agree your responsibilities and provide direction? Charles: No! He seems to be waiting until annual appraisal time. HR Manager: Can’t you wait …

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