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SFIA training on Udemy

We have made a couple of training offerings available on Udemy. SFIA ‘foundation’ accredited training The foundation-level training is focussed on the structure, language, and a high-level overview of how SFIA is used. It does not include hands-on practical use of SFIA, as this is covered at other levels. As a result, training at foundation-level …

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HasBean – A day in the life #54

Charles: “HB, I’m not at all happy with the role you have chosen as MY career development trajectory.” HasBean: “But why? It’s the most obvious progression from your current technical support role.”   Charles: But we agreed when I started, this role was temporary until I understood our products. HasBean: Unfortunately our new automated Career …

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ITSM Crowd Special Edition – Building your Digital CV

ITSM Crowd Special Edition – Building your Digital CV ITSM Zone are partnering up with with SkillsTX! Learn more about building your digital CV and how to get the skills you need for the job you want, with special guest Matthew Burrows. Sign up for the free self-assessment here to start the process.

HasBean – COVID-19 Disruption

CIO: HB & Team. In there times of disruption and having to work from home, there are opportunities for self-development. Update your skills profile; explore SFIA to identify skills that sound interesting; explore the job roles that represent current and future requirements; identify gaps in your skills for opportunities for personal growth; set up you …

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COVID-19 and the recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing a significant change to our patterns, both at work and from a personal perspective. Some people are finding themselves out of work, furloughed temporarily, or with an uncertain future due to the economic impact. We don’t yet know how long this will take to play out or what the recovery …

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