• Insights from the 2016 <br />
Gartner CIO Agenda Report

    News: Talent management strategy is key to success

    Insights from the 2016
    Gartner CIO Agenda Report

    August 16, 2016   |   SFIA


22% of CIOs say skills and resources are the main barrier to success

It seems obvious to state that strategically managing the talent and skills of your workforce is critical to the success of your company, but according to Gartner’s insights from the CIO Agenda 2016 report, talent management practices are not keeping up with the ever-increasing and changing needs of the digital world.


In fact, skills and resources continue to be recognized globally as the single biggest issue standing in the way of CIOs achieving their objectives, with 22% of CIOs saying ‘skills/resources’ are their main barrier, putting it at number 1 in the list – way above technology challenges, funding and business alignment.

The report further highlights the need to have an increased focus on rotating staff and recruiting from outside IT. People are your most important and expensive asset – so what investment are you making in your talent management strategy to insure your people have the right skills at the right level?


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