The required skills to deliver Digital Transformation?

The required skills to deliver Digital Transformation?

92% of companies are taking on a form of digital transformation


A recent study published by TechTarget on the “UK & Ireland 2019 IT Priorities” highlighted that 92% of companies are taking on a form of digital transformation.



Does your company have the required skills to deliver Digital Transformation?


As reported by Gartner, most companies don’t have an accurate inventory of their current skills. There’s also evidence building that many companies are struggling to deliver their existing digital transformation initiatives.

I’d argue that any company planning transformation needs to know where they are starting from. So a baseline of current skills is essential. They need to know whether they have the skills and experience required to successfully complete the digital transformation. As this can be completed in only a few weeks, and at a very low cost and effort, there’s no reason to miss out this essential step.


Can you operate after Digital Transformation?


Digital Transformation always causes change to the way you do things – a change to the Operating Model. So, in addition to knowing whether you have the skills to delivery transformation, you also need to assess whether the company has the skills to operate the new operating model after transformation.


The same report highlighted a number of drivers which rely on people, skills and experience.



Simple Actions


  • Baseline the current skills of your workforce
  • Identify the skills and experience necessary to deliver the transformation, and also to operate post-transformation
  • Look at the skills and experience gaps and risks
  • Plan development of existing resources, and recruitment (permanent or temporary/contract resources) if necessary


If you think you’re already OK and won’t have any problems of this type, take 5-minutes to double-check using our free Digital Skills Management Maturity assessment.

Matthew Burrows