Meet the SkillsTx team

    These guys are committed to helping organisations prepare for the digital future. Together we've harnessed the benefits of SFIA within our Cloud services.


SkillsTx was established following a highly successful partnership between Assessment Portal Pty Ltd and BSMimpact Ltd.

Assessment Portal have offered a class leading and award winning business assessment platform since 2009 and began working with BSMimpact in 2013 to automate their highly developed ISO/IEC 20000 assessment and subsequently SFIA v5 and more recently SFIA v6.

It became very clear that forming a new company that combined BSMimpact’s knowledge of SFIA with the Assessment Portal platform we could bring additional benefit to the ICT skills assessment market. As they say “the sum is greater than the parts”.

Paul Collins

Our Chief Executive Officer

As one of the founders and original designers of the SkillsTx platform, Paul ensures that the features and benefits of the tools are continually evolving to meet client and market demands. There is no option to stand still in these times of ever increasing change and Paul relishes the challenge of balancing innovation with practical and robust solutions. Paul is a SFIA Accredited Consultant.

With over 30 years of experience in ICT Management and IT Service Management consultancy and an entrepreneurial leaning Paul is able to apply this knowledge to his role of CEO.

Matthew Burrows

Our Chairman

Responsible for the original idea and conceptual design of the SkillsTx solution, Matthew utilises his unique experience of using SFIA over more than 15 years, and ensures that our solutions continue to evolve to support those involved in digital skills and talent management.  He is a SFIA Accredited Consultant and Trainer, a member of the SFIA Council, and was the Design Authority for SFIA6.

Matthew continues to be active in providing consultancy to governments and organisations in all regions of the globe, and is in demand as a speaker at conferences and other industry events.

Graham Kennedy

Our Chief Operating Officer

A founder, and one of the original designers of the SkillsTx platform, Graham has undertaken a hands-on SFIA role in order to understand the challenges of resellers and their customers, feeding solutions back into our continual improvement lifecycle.

With over 40 years’ broad experience across the IT industry providing innovative solutions, consulting and training, Graham is well suited to ensuring that our clients are able to fully exploit the SkillsTx toolset and maximise their investment in its usage.

Les Yuen

Our Enterprise account director guy

An experienced enterprise sales executive and key account manager, Les joined the team to develop the business and manage relationships with enterprise customers in EMEA.

With 20 years experience working with both SMB(SME) and Enterprise customers in the technology sector Les is ideally suited to ensuring that our clients understand and leverage the full potential and value from the SkillsTx toolset.

Mike Davies

Our Global Sales Guy

As a highly successful sales executive for major software vendors Mike ensures our resellers have all the support and encouragement they need to drive sales and deliver excellent outcomes for their clients. Mike also relishes the role of Business Development and manages relationships with our Enterprise clients.

Elaine Burrows

Our Product Director

Accountable for the end-to-end product management of SkillsTx, addressing market opportunity and customer needs.  Elaine has ultimate ownership of the product backlog within the agile development cycle, coordinating the cross-functional teams throughout all stages, to ensure that requirements are captured and prioritised, and that each release meets the agreed requirements.

Elaine is a SFIA Accredited Consultant and ISO/IEC 20000 certified consultant and auditor, and has a long history in managing the design, development, implementation and support of profitable global managed services solutions.

Anthony Tjea

Our Chief Solution Architect

With over 14 years of ICT experience in a variety of roles, Anthony has designed bespoke business-focused solutions for a wide range of various industries including large ERP solutions to small startup ventures. Having lead the development of the SkillsTx platform from early in its life, Anthony ensures that the SkillsTx platform is robust enough to easily adapt to the changing technology landscape and the various requirements of a wide range clients. Anthony has the rare talent of taking demanding requirements and making them reality.

Sergey Volkov

Our USA Account Manager

Sergey is a highly experienced account manager with excellent communication and relationship skills. He relishes the challenge of growing the US market and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Sergey’s goal is to understand your business in a way that allows him unlock all the benefits of SkillsTx for your organization.