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Passion for potential.

SkillsTX rebrand – It started 1 July. The logic behind the investment

Firstly know your WHY, as perfectly illustrated by the excellent Simon Sinek TED talk.

We have always known we have a passion for supporting career development. In fact, I’m sure we have sometimes lost business because we empower and put the employees front and center. We stick to our principles in recognizing that we own our skills but expect collaboration with leadership to support their development. We also strongly acknowledge that most, if not all, employees have more skills than documented in a Position or Job description. This is hugely important in identifying unrealized potential, so our assessment captures a full skill inventory.

When we engaged a brand adviser who spent the time to understand SkillsTX and distil our WHY it jumped out at us:

Passion for potential ™

And this is underpinned by our authority in our market and the reliability of our solution.

A rebrand is also a time for reflection, we’re in a fast-moving digital world so we didn’t look too far back. However, a lot can happen in 6 months and here are some things we’re proud of:


A completely redesigned SkillsTX platform. This went live in Jan 2022 for our SkillsTX Personal licensees.


Over 15 new partners including some of the worlds leading professional bodies supporting digital professionals


An expansion of our team specifically around sales and marketing. We’re so privileged to have such amazing people on our journey


The introduction of a fully featured Learning Management System, available to the public and mainly free to all our license holders. And we are the first SFIA partner globally to offer SFIA Accredited Assessor training.

Thought Leadership

The first SFIA partner to offer system supported SFIA Badges through our certify process, in partnership with APMG International, the SFIA foundation and Credly. In addition, we are working with some of the world’s foremost experts to impart knowledge through our webinar series.


A successful capital raise and an ever-increasing customer base, including some the world’s best known brands, has set us on a path to spread our Passion for potential ™ across the globe with now with a major focus on North America.

In summary, a brand is visually represented by a logo and key messaging, but the real meaning is what we do, how we do it and WHY we do it. We’d love to have you join our growing customer list, especially if you also have a passion for potential. Recognizing and developing your most important asset, your people, is what we help you do.

Assess your organization’s ability to realize potential, 10 minute survey for 50 pages of tailored advice