Top Three Benefits of Using the Cloud for Your Workplace

Top Three Benefits of Using the Cloud for Your Workplace

Over the past years, the cloud has remarkably influenced and shaped the digital workplace. That being said, did you know that an average person uses 36 cloud applications and services daily, some of which include Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, Office 365, etc?

Plus, because of the many advantages the cloud offers when using it for workplace duties, most businesses have fully, or even to some extent, migrated to the cloud. Hence, in case you haven’t done that yet, SkillsTx – the number one digital skills management company in Australia offering the best professional services – has come up with the following list of benefits of using the cloud for your workplace:

Top 3 Cloud Migration Benefits for Your Business

  1. High-Level Productivity regardless of Physical Barrier

First and foremost, we must point out that by migrating to the cloud, your business can successfully continue operations and staff will be able to work and collaborate without interruption. And, as we all know, 2020 has emphasized the importance of remote work.

Nowadays, it’s key that every staff member can access information needed in real-time, communicate with other team members, and do their job without disruption. Luckily, the cloud makes all of this possible. What’s more, cloud migration allows your business to expand internationally and get access to high-skilled workers since the physical barrier doesn’t count.

  1. Elimination of Unnecessary Costs

Second, if you decide to migrate your business fully or partially to the cloud, you will reduce costs. To be more precise, according to research, cloud migration can be up to a whopping 40 times more cost-effective for small or medium-sized businesses, compared to in-house IT systems.

But, how does the cloud help your business reduce costs? Namely, the vast majority of cloud providers offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions. In other words, costs will spread out and become operating expenses.

Furthermore, running an in-house IT system requires quite a large capital expense. On the other hand, the usage-based pricing model of most cloud providers allows you to reduce costs since many features and storage space isn’t needed.

  1. Improved Data Security and Data Recovery

Last but not least, every business should consider security as their number one priority. Luckily, cloud migration will help you increase data security and make data recovery easy. By using email security solutions, firewalls, network protection technology, centralized logging, etc. you’ll ensure your business is safe.

Plus, in case of a disaster, cloud computing will ease the data recovery process since all your business data can be stored off-site. Indeed, 20% of cloud users recover their data in a couple of hours, whereas only 9% of non-cloud users are able to do so, according to research. Fast data recovery also reduces downtime which is crucial for maintaining productivity and running business operations.

Now that you know the benefits of using the cloud for your workplace, it’s time you contact SkillsTx and discuss everything needed about the process.

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