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Training Training Everywhere

Training, Training Everywhere, nor a relevant course to decide upon

(With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

I’m sure you will agree, it can all be just a little overwhelming!

While it’s a wonderful thing our digital industry has stepped up to address the ever-increasing digital skills shortage, everyday thousands of offers for free training come from:

  • Specialised training organisations
  • Governments
  • Not for profit
  • Product suppliers


But before you do any of that –Slow down, in order to speed things up


– Because you need to time your training to align with the opportunity to practice what you have learnt. A powerful reason to ensure learning transfer is effective is by having a well-defined strategy to facilitate it.

With so much on offer, you must resist throwing yourself blindly into any training that catches your attention or broadly aligns with our aspirations. Not only can this be VERY time consuming, but it’s also usually wildly ineffective.

Training – Just one step towards skill competency

Coaching and


Are equally, if not more important.

So, timing your training to align with the opportunity to practice is vital.


And a well-defined career development plan requires an accurate Starting Point.

Resist the temptation of believing the destinations promised by training programs, who have no idea where YOU are starting from. They are everywhere, “Want to become a data Analyst? – Then all you need to do is take the following courses”

First you must determine “your starting point

And that’s exactly how we do it at SkillsTX.

We always first ask “where’s your starting point”. Rather than dive into training catalogues and rummage for interesting topics, there’s a better way.

The better way

  1. Define your starting pointRegister for a free self-assessment, supported with our tailored tutorials to ensure you start on the right foot.
  2. Select your destination/s – By then exploring from over 600 sample jobs using a percentage match against your existing skills.
  3. Develop your strategy – Already in our system, we captured many 3rd party training courses that can support your unique starting point and destination. When the training can help you address a skill gap to drive your career, we automatically prioritise and signpost it for selection. No more rummaging, signposted training is specific and relevant to YOU and YOUR journey. And when we don’t have a ready-made offering, you now have a strategy that’s a vast improvement to “rummaging”.

So, quickly turn those ‘overwhelming options’ into ‘signposted advice’. Start with a FREE skill profile using our Self-Assessment

Unless, of course, you have lots of free time 😊