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Underspent on Your Microsoft Azure Committments? Unleash Resources for Digital Upskilling!

Across the spectrum of organizations with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, a surprising number find themselves in an ‘underspent‘ state when it comes to their MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment), unaware of the available resources waiting to enable the creation of a comprehensive digital skills inventory, often at little to no cost, all through existing Azure resources.

The Solution: Optimizing MACC for Workforce Upskilling

Harnessing the power of two essential tools: the SkillsTX Talent eXperience skills intelligence platform and Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), we’ll explore how these tools can help organizations maximize their Azure resources for workforce upskilling and reskilling.

SkillsTX Talent eXperience: Empowering Skills Intelligence

SkillsTX Talent eXperience is the linchpin to effective workforce upskilling and reskilling. Talent eXperience enables organizations and governments to assess, develop, and continually improve the skills and competencies of their workforce.

Key Features of SkillsTX Talent eXperience

  • Accurate Skill Assessment: Talent eXperience allows organizations to assess their employees’ skills consistently, accurately, and without bias, forming the basis for tailored upskilling programs.
  • Continuous Learning: Talent eXperience fosters a culture of continuous learning and plays a pivotal role in identifying the appropriate learning and development resources available to fill individual skills gaps.
  • Progress Tracking: Talent eXperience lets organizations track individual and team progress, ensuring upskilling efforts are on target.
  • Workforce Planning: Talent eXperience empowers organizations to engage in more effective and strategic workforce planning by providing deep insights into the skills and competencies of their employees, enabling them to align their talent with their long-term goals and digital transformation initiatives. Talent eXperience helps organizations future-proof their workforce.

SFIA: The Skills Framework for the Information Age

SFIA, or the Skills Framework for the Information Age from the non-profit SFIA Foundation, is the guiding compass for aligning your workforce with the digital era’s demands. SFIA has been around for over 20 years, is currently on version 8, and is a countrywide standard in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of SFIA

  • Standardization: SFIA provides a standardized framework for defining, measuring, and communicating skills, simplifying skill requirements understanding.
  • Benchmarking: Organizations can benchmark their employees’ skills against industry standards, pinpointing areas for improvement.
  • Career Development: SFIA outlines skills and competencies required for various roles in IT and digital sectors, facilitating personalized career development.
  • Recruitment and Hiring: Job descriptions based on SFIA accurately reflect skill requirements, streamlining the hiring process.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI&): SFIA is pivotal in helping organizations promote DE&I by providing a standardized framework that ensures unbiased skill assessment and facilitates fair evaluation.

Supercharging Azure Resources with Talent eXperience skills intelligence and SFIA

Now that we understand the solution let’s focus on how Talent eXperience and SFIA can supercharge your workforce upskilling and reskilling projects.

  • Accurate Skills Assessment: The initial step is comprehensively understanding your employees’ skills. In contrast to traditional assessment methods that are often plagued by inaccuracy and bias, a SFIA skill assessment, when powered by Talent eXperience, goes beyond the confines of current job roles to identify a broader spectrum of skills possessed by individuals, leaving no skill unaccounted for. This precision ensures that your learning and development resources align perfectly with the specific skills requirements of your organization.
  • Tailored Upskilling Programs: Once you’ve identified skills gaps, Talent eXperience helps you design tailored upskilling programs and customize programs to address individual or team needs. For instance, if you lack digital forensics and stakeholder relationship management expertise, create targeted training modules or assign a mentor/coach to bridge the gap.
  • Continuous Learning and Professional Development: The digital landscape constantly evolves. Talent eXperience and SFIA encourage a culture of continuous learning, enabling employees to gain new skills and competencies.
  • Monitoring Progress and Improvement: Talent eXperience’s reporting and analytics help monitor upskilling progress. Measure program effectiveness, identify areas needing support, and track skill improvements. Make data-driven decisions for resource allocation.
  • Future-Proofing Your Workforce: By aligning upskilling and reskilling programs with industry standards using SFIA, you future-proof your workforce. Identifying high-demand skills prepares your team to adapt swiftly in a constantly changing digital landscape.

Leveraging Unused Azure Resources

It’s surprising how many organizations are underspent on their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Why not use these unspent resources to create a comprehensive skills inventory for your digital teams or understand your entire workforce’s digital and professional skills in as little as 4-6 weeks… All while making the most of your unused Azure resources?

This is a golden opportunity to bridge skill gaps and future-proof your workforce for the digital age, and it’s a journey well worth embarking upon.

Let’s Connect and Create an Inclusive Digital Future

At SkillsTX, we’re committed to creating an inclusive digital future.

Are you interested in exploring how Talent eXperience skills intelligence, SFIA, and Microsoftcan synergistically transform your organization toward a skills-based talent strategy while creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

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  • SkillsTX Talent eXperience is available to organizations and governments with a Microsoft Enterprise Services Agreement (ESA) and contributes toward your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC).
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AUTHOR NOTE: Reproduced with thanks to John Kleist III, Chief Growth Officer for SkillsTX and author of Digital Talent Strategies, a popular newsletter on LinkedIn.  John proudly considers himself a Talent Management Revolutionary: Spearheading Skills-Based Digital Talent Strategies with SkillsTX Talent eXperience Skills Intelligence and the #SFIA Framework | Unlock Your #PassionForPotential.