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Upskilling Staff with Digital Training using SFIA

Upskilling Staff with Digital Training using SFIA

The key to the success of any company is providing the necessary training to your staff. Digital training is no longer optional, it is essential in the digital era we live in. Companies must make sure their staff are equipped with the right skills to help them grow professionally, engage them, unleash innovative solutions and boost retention rates.

For that reason SkillsTX, a leading digital skills and competency management company, has listed their keys to unlock upskilling staff with digital training. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about digital upskilling and master this skill yourself.

The Need for Digital Upskilling

According to one survey, 67% of employers are concerned by the growing skills gaps, and over 55% report that extended job vacancies negatively affect the success of the company by causing productivity issues, revenue loss, and higher voluntary turnover. That’s why digital upskilling is so crucial – to retain employees, to help them develop professionally, and improve the success of the company.

The importance of upskilling has grown due to the pandemic, and businesses all over the world are becoming digitized. Bridging the gap between the skills your are ‘stuck with’ and the needs of a company is crucial to ensure a sustainable and profitable future. But how do you know what specific digital skills employees should improve? How do you know what’s best for each one of your employees?

SkillsTX knows and can help you make the right decisions and determine the right type of skills your employees should improve. How? – By conducting a SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) test.

By understanding the SFIA skills and SFIA skill levels of your employees, you can include suitable training in their professional development plan and gain numerous benefits both for them and your company including:

Top 3 Benefits of Digital Upskilling

  1. Increased Staff Productivity

As reported in the same survey above, the skills gaps lead to productivity issues.  Digital upskilling will help your staff be more productive and efficient since they will be equipped with the right skills necessary for getting the job done fast and easy.

  1. Improved Staff Retention Rates

This is also something we shortly mentioned. And, precisely speaking, about 60% of organizations have trouble finding qualified staff to fill in open job vacancies. Luckily, they can simply solve this issue by upskilling their current staff and ensuring they stay with them for longer.

  1. Enhanced Staff Engagement

Last but not least, upskilling staff for digital training is also a way to improve employee engagement and boost motivation at work. Providing the skills needed at the right time for the right people will keep staff motivated and engaged. The truth is, 84% of employees at the world’s most successful companies are getting the training needed for the job.

Go forth and Digitally Upskill!

Digital upskilling is crucial in today’s dynamic corporate landscape to fulfill skill gaps, improve staff productivity and engagement, and keep qualified professionals for longer. Hence, don’t hesitate and contact SkillsTX to determine the skills your staff should improve!