Why use SkillsTx?

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Who uses SkillsTx?

Organisations that need answers to the questions… 

         What Skills Do I Have?  

          What Skills Do I Need?

Answering these questions is fundamental to an organisation’s ability to operate cost effectively and maximise staff potential.

Used by numerous organisations across many industries, as well as government bodies, training providers and recruiters in order to answer these questions. It empowers organisations with little or no SFIA knowledge to realise the benefits of SFIA, without the expense of training staff in its’ usage! 

SkillsTx provides the ability to quickly and easily understand what skills there are across a whole organisation, while giving the staff value by identifying what skills they have, and what skills could be improved through professional development (training, coaching or mentoring).

What are the benefits of using SkillsTx?

Easy to use, low cost SFIA solution

Implement organisation-wide

...easily accessed by staff using an
internet connection - nothing more!

Identify skills gaps
within the organisation...

...plus areas where there are significant
under-utilised skills, and those where a single
point of dependency exists.

Engage in meaningful Professional
Development discussions...

...with individuals to address skills shortfalls
and/or career development requirements.

Develop Training and/or
Recruitment Programs...

...based on a clear understanding of areas to

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