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A common language that consistently defines skills and competencies.

Traditional job roles don’t allow skills fluidity throughout the workforce. Organizations are stuck and unable to progress because they don’t know how to recognize their talent or properly utilize it.

Moving to a skills-based talent strategy unlocks your workforce’s potential. However, most businesses have no idea how to identify their employee’s skills and the associated levels of responsibility.

Other frameworks are complex, messy, and rigid.

In other words, they’re not user-friendly. SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age), on the other hand, was designed to be completely flexible and to fit seamlessly with an organization’s established ways of working.

We detail this in our cheat sheet.

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SFIA is your first step towards understanding the digital talent within your business
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Through SkillsTX and SFIA
you will be able to:

Run strategic capability planning

Perform identification and risk management for critical skills gaps

Align organizational capabilities to technology and business strategies

Plan and implement transformations and mergers/acquisitions

Manage resources and resource deployment

Identify operational risks in teams and develop succession plans

Measure current capability and plan for future demand

Create role profiles and job descriptions supported by skill and skill level definitions

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Identify with ease

The SFIA framework is clear and concise. It consists of professional skills and responsibility attributes on one axis, and seven levels of responsibility on the other. The professional skills and competencies are described at each of the levels they are found practiced in the working world.

SFIA allows you to understand the levels of responsibility in generic attributes of Autonomy, Influence, Complexity, Knowledge, and Business Skills.


SFIA was designed to be straightforward, generic, and universally applicable. The breadth of coverage is broad, and SFIA applies to all sectors and digital industries. It is suitable for both large and small organizations

Clear and concise

Using clear language and avoiding technical jargon and acronyms, SFIA has been designed to be understood by individuals at all levels. Whether it’s the workers themselves or those in supporting roles, SFIA helps solve common translation issues that hinder communication.

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