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World #1 SFIA SaaS Solution

Helping you attract, retain and develop your most important assets: People and their digital, cyber-security and ICT skills.


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    75% of Organisations
    will experience business disruption
    due to I&O skill gaps



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Reduce Costs
  • by using the skills available more effectively
  • avoiding the need to recruit
  • and better use of training budgets


Reduce Risk
  • by quickly identifying skill gaps
  • aligning career planning with business need
  • and using appropriate skills where needed


Improve retention/morale
  • by empowering your workforce
  • targeting training to what is needed
  • transparency for career development planning


What is the
Skills Framework for 
the Information Age?

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is recognised throughout the world as a practical and extensive framework that identifies the professional skills need in technology and associated professions.

More and more organisations are using SFIA to keep track of the skills they have and the skills they need to obtain through recruitment or training and development.

Unlock the benefits of SFIA with SkillsTx

Request your FREE SFIA7 Self Assessment NOW

Free SFIA Self-Assessment

We are VERY pleased to offer our SFIA assessment free of charge.
Not only will you get your own SFIA7 profile report but ALSO access to our award winning Planner console.
Compare yourself against 54 sample job profiles and create your own action plan.
There is truly NO cost and you’ll be helping the ICT industry by contributing anonymous aggregated data to our Analytics

FREE SFIA7 Self-Assessment is HERE

Are you responsible for a Digital workforce?

Provides you the ability to understand the skills your organisation has and the skills it needs.
Keep your best people through empowered career development planning.
Ensure your people can maximise their skills and talents.

Are you a Human Resource professional?

Understand the skills across the workforce.
Simplify Position Descriptions using a common language to improve recruitment effectiveness.
Analyse the training needs of the workforce to maximise your education budget.

Do you provide training and consultancy?

Quickly identify the best team for engagements and even bids.
Map your training portfolio to SFIA and make it available to 1000s of potential customers.
Get click through stats showing which of courses are getting the most hits.
You can even add SkillsTx to your service offerings to generate another business stream.
Got 3 minutes to spare? Check out the benefits HERE

Some feedback from our users

"One of the easier surveys at this level of detail I have done."
"Very interesting, clear and specific instructions."
"Thank you!! Great tool for assessing my skills"
"It is a very fulfilling process as it does challenge my own opinion of myself....."
"Category and questions were great and it was indeed very good experience"
"Very good, really comprehensive. I was surprised at what was covered."
"Me parece muy interesante, ya que permite determinar el nivel en el que me encuentro."
YES, we offer the 6 translated languages of SFIA!!

SkillsTx Assess or SkillsTx Define

Which is best for my organisation?

Whether you have 10 people, or 250,000 people, SFIA can bring significant benefits to an organisation.

If you’re simply wanting to understand what skills you have and potential gaps, SkillsTx Assess is for you. If you are looking to confirm what skills you need, develop Role Profiles / Job Descriptions, and implement it within your HR, Recruitment and Business processes, look to SkillsTx Define.

Individual Skills Assessment
Organisational Assessment
Skills Validation
Skill Gap Analysis
SkillsTx Planner - Individual Skills Planning
Define your own skill attributes alongside SFIA skills
SkillsTx Planner - Individual Position Matching
Insightful Analytics
Role Profile and Job Description Creation and Editing
Organisational Position Matching
Define bespoke predefined career development actions
Individual Career Action Plans
No applications to install, no in-depth training required.
All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

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Add SkillsTx to your toolkit!

SkillsTx is a collaboration between one of the foremost experts in SFIA world-wide and the leaders in online assessments.

The intellectual property that sits within the tool was formulated over years of practically using SFIA in talent management 
and consultancy exercises around the globe. Now your organisation can take advantage of this knowledge and add 
SFIA to your set of service offerings quickly and easily!  

Partner with SkillsTx

  • BSMimpact benefits from proven SFIA assessments

    A reseller of SkillsTx, BSMimpact is a global consultancy specialising in building business value from best practice governance and management systems – they make frameworks work.

    Every month, BSMimpact provides thousands of assessments to their clients around the globe, saving consultancy time and automating reports, enabling organisations to easily understand what skills they have and what skills they need.

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