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Attract, Engage,
Develop and Retain your Digital Professionals

SkillsTX, a Talent eXperience Platform to realize the digital potential across your workforce

Microsoft Azure customers can access SkillsTX Talent eXperience Platform (TXP) via Azure Marketplace.

FREE Assessment of Your Digital Skills Management Maturity

Do you know how well your organization realizes the digital potential of the workforce?
Start with a quick assessment, 15 mins for 50 pages of tailored advice and guidance.

Reduce Business Risk

Know the skills and competencies you have, and proactively address skills gaps rather than finding out the hard way when things fail.

Increase Agility & Project Success

Build teams for sprints, projects, roles or individual tasks, ensuring you utilize the full inventory of skills in your organization and beyond (service providers, vendors, contractors and gig workers).

Improve Engagement & Retention

Empower your people and their managers to maintain their skill profiles, complete development planning, and realize their development and career potential.

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Technology is still a people business

Effective leadership includes the ability to set direction and strategy. In the digital and IT space, there are many things that we have to set direction on – digital transformation, whether we move everything to the cloud, which technologies…

SFIA and SkillsTX
are truly global

You may be aware that each SFIA8 skill description is precise, reflecting many hours of thought and international collaboration. In order to ensure that SFIA retains its Universal applicability, the SFIA Foundation requires the same level of preciseness in regard to its language translations. For instance, their network of volunteers, using the same level of diligence, have new translated SFIA8 into the following languages. 

Our SkillsTX rebrand took place on July 1st, 2022. Learn the logic behind the investment.

When we engaged a brand adviser who spent the time to understand us and distil our WHY it jumped out at us:
Passion for potential ™

And this is underpinned by our authority in our market and the reliability of our solution.

Know the skills you have. Build a path to the skills you need.

What our clients are saying about us...

Great for retention!

My team loves that we’ve invested in SFIA and SkillsTX in an effort to enhance their own professional development. It’s been very helpful with retention and also understanding where as an organization we need to develop our skills. I’m excited to use in the future for skills based hiring processes.

Phil Maceri

Marketplace review

Amazing Tool!

We have started our journey in implementing SkillsTX within all of our dealerships, across five countries. The tool is based on SFIA – it quickly captures the data required for effective Digital Skills Management. It has huge potential in improving employee satisfaction / retention and is backed by amazing customer success and technical teams. Highly recommended!

Rajiv Pillay

Marketplace review