Apply for assessment under SFIA Assessment Scheme

Assessment under SFIA Assessment Scheme

Carried out by a SFIA Accredited Assessor within the SFIA Assessment Scheme approved by the SFIA Foundation. An individual completes a SFIA self-assessment and then requests to be assessed for up to 6 SFIA skills. The SFIA Assessor reviews the evidence and determines which SFIA Digital Credentials / Badges can be awarded. This includes the cost of the assessment and the award of up to 6 badges. Badges are awarded by APMG International through the Credly platform.

If paying for the assessment personally, we will send a request for payment for US$435 to the email address you provide on the form. If an employer or company is paying, we will make contact with them for approval and payment arrangements. Then we will contact you to schedule the assessment.

SFIA Assessment Scheme assessment request

To apply for certification for yourself, please complete this form.

Request by an individual to be assessed by a SFIA Assessor under the SFIA Assessment Scheme, for the award of Digital Credentials / Badges.
  • Name of the individual applying to be assessed
  • Email address for the individual applying to be assessed
    Have you already completed a SFIA self-assessment using SkillsTX?
  • If you already have a logon for SkillsTX, please provide the email address you use to log in
  • SFIA Skill (4-letter code)Skill Level 
    Please confirm up to 6 skills which you wish to be assessed for
    Are you paying personally for your assessment, or is your employer/company?
  • Name of organization paying for the assessment (if not being paid personally)