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Free SFIA self-assessment hits the road

We are delighted to report that the launch of our free SFIA self-assessment has had an amazing uptake. As a result, over 150 people benefited from the service in only 4 days, wow! These folks are spread across 37 countries, consequently showing how truly global SFIA is. No doubt assisted due to the fact we offered our SFIA assessment (v6) in all 6 translated languages!! We look forward to welcoming many more ICT professionals from all parts of the world. So please spread the word.

The data is primarily used by individuals to manage their SFIA skills profile via their Planner interface after completion of the self-assessment component. The Planner can contribute to their career development decisions. We will be making use of the aggregated data will help inform the ICT industry to be better prepared for the digital future.

Already some participants, through the self-assessment and Planner experience, have seen the value of SFIA and SkillsTX for their own organisations. This was after making use of the Planner for skill gap analysis career action planning. Their organisations have now signed up for their own private Workspace and access. We help reduce the effort of adopting SFIA by over 75%!!

The SkillsTX Planner is a winner

It’s pleasing to note that most of the people who completed the self-assessment so far, have continued to use our SkillsTX Planner console to manage their skills profile and select one of our 54 sample jobs to compare themselves against.

Finally, we are recording a fantastic survey satisfaction rating of 4.36 out of 5. However, we do not intend to just sit back, we will continually monitor feedback to ensure we are providing the highest quality solution and are thrilled that we appear to be meeting expectations.

Update regarding SFIA7

Our free self-assessments are now using the latest SFIA7. While not all the previous v6 languages are not yet available, we intend to provide alternative languages in line with the SFIA organisation releases.

Try for free

To try our free SFIA assessment yourself just click the button below and register. It really is free with no strings.