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BSM Impact Limited and BSM Impact Inc are part of the global network of SkillsTX partners. is now redirected to to provide a single consistent view of the products and services available.

In 2018, we announced that we would be consolidating around the SkillsTX branding. SkillsTX is a registered trademark of Tx Management Systems Pty Ltd., registered in Australia, from which we provide the SkillsTX SaaS solution and various supporting services, all available through our network of partners and operating companies, including the following organisations:

Since 2018 we have been focusing on the SkillsTX website, but the BSMimpact website has still been visible – showing both the BSMimpact and SkillsTX logos. The time has come to withdraw the BSMimpact website, and instead redirect all traffic to the SkillsTX website. Another step forward in our branding consolidation and recognising the shift to our global presence, SkillsTX.


Our operating model remains the same – our customers contract with whichever partner or reseller makes sense, usually based on their location or the value-added services required. BSM Impact Limited and BSM Impact Inc remain part of the global SkillsTX partner network, alongside our other great partners.

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