Digital Transformation

As an IT Leader

How are you facing the great resignation and always growing Vacancies within your organization?

How much time do you and your team spend hiring, how do you assign your teams to the right project, how precise your team skills and aptitude data is, how do you know who to hire, retain or train, how do you know who to promote, and how do you know who will leave the company?

You are not alone…

All organizations struggle to select for the right talent, identify latent talent and nurture hidden talents in their cohorts of full time, part time, casual and contracted teams.

With the Great Resignation upon us and clear shortage of skills we are constantly hearing two common complaints.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to be looking, testing and ultimately solving those challenges…

This is a lot of pressure.

With the Great Resignation upon us and clear shortage of skills we are constantly hearing two common complaints.

We made it our mission to solve this with you. And we have been doing it successfully with organisations like Coca-Cola or the Australian Government.

The future will belong to those organizations that can harness the creative and productive capacity of the one truly scarce resource – talent. Without talent you are left turning business away as you simply can’t do the work.

With mass vacancies this loss of productivity will impact bottom line performance and the returns to executives, management and stakeholders.

I don’t have enough of the right people to win

A function of not keeping good people and not being able to identify, enable and empower their replacements from within.

I can’t attract people with the skills I need

Not because of budget, but because they don’t exist!

Take Your Employee Experience Quick Scan Today

In under 60 seconds our targeted quiz, that you can answer right away, will help you quantify the lost human potential for your business.

Compare your results to the industry average.
The Quick Scan is based on decades of experience and allows us to instantly evaluate your potential for improvement.
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The Skills Bubble Hitting Digitally Dependent Companies

History can be a great teacher. The Dot Com bubble peaked in early 2000 and saw nearly 50% of Internet companies wiped out by 2002. The finite resource was revenue from customers to meet the expectations of business plans overinflated by low cost of capital, media hype and a rapid adoption of Internet services. This saw valuations and growth estimations that needed many times the population for them all to succeed. Someone was always going to miss out. The same can be said today for technology dependent companies and the skills that are needed to sustain them. The hard truth is that we already know there are not enough skilled people to go around, or at least not in the time frame our current business plans demand.

Escaping The Perpetual Hiring Cycle

For most technology dependent companies (i.e. most companies), hiring and developing talent is taking a larger portion of your time. Using tools like SkillsTX shortcuts this time and ensures you make better, faster and clearer decisions around role definition, skills assessment and fit.

I spend my whole week hiring people to replace the turnstile of staff being poached!

*Someone from a big brand*

Transform Into A Truly Digitally Enabled Organization

The sooner you get SkillsTX supporting your Transformation to a truly Digitally Enabled Organization, the sooner you can get back to building your business.

SkillsTX can support your organisation transforming to a truly Digitally Enabled Organization today. If you are building the business case for your team or business we have prepared a detailed game plan for you to guide you. Or maybe you are already on the path to transforming and are looking for inspiration on the next step.

How to not be left behind?

Skilled Digital people are the fuel of the next cycle of business growth. And the leaders that master this will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Both professionally and personally the larger returns will go to those able to Transform service and business models quickly using the talent on hand and the talent you can attract.


Keep the good people you have trained up and who know your systems. Losing your key people has substantial costs and risks.


Identify latent skills, retrain and redeploy them into higher value roles. Using the SFIA framework and SkillsTX you can readily identify team members.


Recruit with Purpose and be an Employer of Choice. Learning and Development and Challenging work are both key to providing competitive and compelling roles that attract the digital stars of your future.

Combatting the Great Resignation

Retention and Retraining of valuable staff will remain the first step for any transformation of talent into a Digital Force.
In both cases we need to be an employer of choice and ensure staff are engaged. There are 5 reasons cited as the most common reasons people leave, and SkillsTX can help reduce or eliminate all 5.

This is also in the context of the whole value exchange. In exit interviews staff cite not being valued for the work they produce, being over worked and not connected to the goals of the company.

Bored, no sense of direction, next step. SkillsTX can make these pathways explicit and the steps to move into the next role very clear.

Too many projects, lack of support from others with suitable skills to assist. Bringing more of the broader team skills to bear on key projects can alleviate the pressure on your stars and minimise the risk of burn out.

We love the truism that people join organisations but leave managers. SkillsTX helps your managers become great leaders of their teams.

And if too many roles not recognised by the company.

How to start your transformation process

In less than the time it took to read this far (10 minutes or so?) you can complete an assessment based on observations you can make immediately.
Our confidential “Digital Transformation” report will be in your inbox and will help guide your discovery on the missed opportunities and uncover the blockages holding your organization or your team back.

The Digital Age is a time to excel, not be left behind. Let us help you lead.

 If you are ready to size the gap for you, your team and your organisation, we are ready to help map your best path to a truly Digitally Enabled Organisation. Use our free SkillsTX assessment tool to identify your gaps and opportunities now. We have leveraged 120 years of experience among our leadership team, the SFIA framework and millions of data points to create a simple but powerful test to highlight the value you can unlock by transforming your business.

Once you have finished your assessment, you’ll find a link to book your consultation. Our team will walk you through your results with you.


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