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Some of the more common questions we’re asked

The SkillsTX team answer some common questions

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Some of our customers started with their own. The benefits of adopting a globally accepted framework within an engaging and powerful tool are many.

The open structured framework makes working with customers and partners such as recruiters and contractors easier and more efficient.

Resourcing decisions are based on instantly accessible and accurate data, with subjectivity removed.

Many of our customers run SkillsTX in addition, having discovered that these human capital management suites typically lack the functionality to manage people’s technical skills and provide meaningful analytics to deliver any real value.

Also, most of HCM/HR systems don’t do Skills Assessments, and if they do, they don’t use SFIA.

Let us know what data you need to share and we map the API for you for seamless integration.

No. SkillsTX is based on SFIA which caters exclusively for the unique detailed requirements of your digital and IT workforce which generic systems are unable to properly service.

Skills Framework for the Information Age is a model for describing and managing competencies for ICT professionals for the 21st century to help match the skills of the workforce to the needs of the business and contributions to SFIA are from all over the world in hundreds of organisations.

It is the world’s most widely adopted digital skills and competency framework.

Happily, no. Simply add the relevant SFIA references/building blocks to your existing ones using our guided system.

As an option you can outsource this to our Professional Services team.

Quickly and easily using our award-winning structured self-assessment. It’s intuitive and simple to use and can be done in chunks as time allows.

We also cater for different preferences, you can take your time going through the assessment in detail or ‘skip’ most of the questions and create your skill profile in your own SkillsTX Planner console

Absolutely! The entirety of SFIA is embedded and accessible within SkillsTX. It was designed to enable organisations to leverage the value of SFIA without the need to invest in long, intrusive and expensive consulting engagements.

Training and project support is provided by our experienced Professional Services team on demand as required.

These are entered individually or you can bulk upload them. It is necessary to get the relevant SFIA references added in.

This you can do using the system or we will work with your training provided to get them mapped. Many already are.

Yes, SFIA does NOT include specific reference to technologies or vendors but SkillsTX allows you include ALL your technology requirements as skill attributes.

Simply add to the relevant SFIA skill, for example Programming/software development (PROG) can have C#, JavaScript, HTML, Python etc listed as specific languages you use. These are then available to include in Job Descriptions and for individuals to select in their skill profile.

All of it. Also we have APIs – contact us to get these working.

SFIA Overview

Would you like to more about SFIA, try the overview below.