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Employee UX Demo​

Taken from the perspective of employees, this demo starts with the self-assessment process through to creating a career development plan and subsequent collaboration with leadership.
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Leadership UX Demo

For those in leadership positions or those responsible for the career development of others. This demo explains the SkillsTX collaboration features and how to actively be involved with your employee’s development and growth

Executive UX Demo

Get an overview of executive leadership and people and culture features within SkillsTX, with a focus on workforce analytics and the real-time Employee Engagement metrics.

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Defining Requirements

Highlighting the features especially useful for those responsible for defining jobs, position descriptions, role profiles, and any other type of skill requirement – including projects, agile sprints, or even individual tasks. We describe several methods available in the system, including the use of the over 670 sample templates.

Assessors and Endorsers

An overview of the skill assessor and endorser features in SkillsTX. These include support for internal and external endorsement of skills and competencies, both informal and formal, right the way through to the official SFIA Assessment Scheme and the issuing of SFIA Digital Credentials (badges) by SFIA Accredited Assessors.

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Digital Wallet

Presenting the new Digital Wallet feature, and its benefits supporting professionalism in the digital economy. The demo explains the SFIA credential scheme and how badges can be shared to support job applications, promotions and customer engagements.

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