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SFIA Training Support & Services

The Skills Framework for the Information Age, popularly known as SFIA, came into existence in 1998 and continues to offer customised services to organisations. When you visit the user-friendly website of SFIA, you will find details pertaining to SFIA generic skills. The main motto of SFIA is to give people and companies a common language for explaining skills and expertise consistently. SFIA has left no stone unturned to use clear language, eliminate technical jargon and acronyms. It has, thus, become accessible to all involved. SFIA works for both big and small companies.

Discussed below are the key details related to SFIA training support and services:

SFIA Services

The primary purpose of SFIA is to assist organisations and individuals with training, mainly by helping to identify gaps within an organisation. It is vital to identify areas where there are huge under-utilized skills and those areas as well where a single point of dependency takes place. SFIA strives to assist organisations with useful and professional development communications with individuals in a bid to resolve skill deficits. At the same time, SFIA also seeks to help organisations to sort out career development requirements efficiently and effectively.

Develop Training or Recruitment Programs

SFIA also assists organisations in developing training or recruitment programs. These training and recruitment programs are customised based on the gaps within the organisation. SFIA promises to extend support to organisational structuring based on a strong understanding of key skills, roles, and job requirements. It is worth noting that BSMimpact has emerged as the key Accredited SFIA consulting and training partner. BSMimpact has amassed huge experience globally from working with the SFIA framework.

SFIA Training

SkillsTX offers SFIA scheduled private on-site courses for 4 or more individuals. You will also receive instructor-led online alternatives if that model doesn’t suit your workplace. You will also get a huge range of workshops designed to meet your particular requirements. You will also come across the SFIA assessor training course which focuses on how to identify professional skills within the SFIA framework, walking through various assessment styles, validation techniques, and interview structures.

You will also find SFIA for People Managers training that has been designed for line managers, team leaders, HR managers, and other line managers. This training framework will assist staff to create and finetune development plans to resolve skill gaps against present expectations and future goals. The Competency Management System Software offers proof of applications. Not to mention, this will also ensure that they have the required experience to carry out activities described by SFIA.